Off Cubs Topic- Sports in the Media

Well this is my first blog in a little over a week. I do apologize for the delay of posting but I got back from Chicago last Friday at 3pm and had to go straight to work pretty much. Then work on Saturday, then work Sunday, then first day of class on Monday and then work, and then work Tuesday. I haven’t even unpacked my bags yet. Anyways…on to my blogging.

I’ve been listening to quite a few podcast recently. Including the Dan Patrick Show, The Thundering Herd with Colin Cowherd, ESPN Football Today, Mike and Mike in the Morning, and others. With the the past week not having any major games, they pretty much broke down both the Arizona Cardinals and Pittsburg Steelers teams. Not to steal a line from good old Family Guy, but what really grinds my gears is the reaction to Larry Fitzgerald’s great stat lines this postseason.

I’ve heard Fitz is the best reciever in football about 20+ times so far in the past like 4 days. My question is: Where have these “experts” been?

Why does it take a small market team three playoff games to get national attention for Larry Fitzgerald?

Lets break it down….
Fitzy came out of the University of Pittsburg and was drafted 3rd overall by the Cardinals. His rookie year he caught 58 passes for 780 yards and 8 td’s. His sophmore year was his first pro bowl year. He caught over 100 passes for 1,400 yards and 10 td’s. 06′ he missed 3 games and only caught 69 passes and only missed 1,000 yards by 50 yards. 2007 he came back and caught 100 passes for 1,400 yards once again and 10 td’s. And 2008, 96 receptions for 1,400 yards (AGAIN) and 12 touchdowns. Hes only 25 and already has 426 career receptions and nearly 6,000 receiving yards. 

Pretty much, Fitzy is a stud. Was in college and hasn’t stopped. But why does it take 3 playoff games for people to figure it out? The 76 games before that you couldn’t tell? I’m hearing all these talks of Hall of Fame. Hes 25. He still has probably 10 more years to play and improve or get hurt and his career be over. But in 3 games, your talking best wide reciever in the game and already Hall of Fame. I saw no difference in Larry’s game the past 3 games than I have his previous seasons. But the media catches hold of one thing someone does and BAM….they are the biggest thing since sliced bread.

This isn’t just Fitzgerald it happens to. And it’s definatly not just in football. Wait for the San Francisco Giants to get good and make the playoffs. If they ever. But if it’s anytime soon, Tim Lincecum will be like 27 and they will be talking about if hes the greatest pitcher of all time.

Same goes for David Price. Hes was a top prospect and if you were a big fantasy baseball player or just a baseball nerd, you knew who he was. But if you were just the average fan of a team like the Twins or Mets, you probably had no idea who he was until the Rays decided to add him the playoff roster after his September callup. Then you hear Steve Phillips on Baseball Tonight just go off about how good he is going to be and the next thing you know, he has his own segment in E:60, interviews on PTI and Mike and Mike. The list goes on. 

Andre Johnson is another great example. Great player. Amazing player. Pro Bowl numbers. Top wide out numbers. Yet, fans of NFC North teams know nothing of the guy because he plays for the 8-8 Texans who never have a shot at making the playoffs (but I do tihnk they have a shot in 09′) and never get the national attention.   

I just find it very sad and very annoying, that great players on small market teams sometimes don’t get reconized until later in their careers. Sure, Andre and Fitz are still young but they deserve more air time than TO and his off the field shenanigans.

Word to the media. Stop giving the crybabies and the attention gettings like Chad Johnson (Ocho Cinco on his jersey and trash talking about Carson Palmer) and Steve Smith (Punching his teammate and TD celebrations) all the facetime. Don’t forget the other guys who keep their mouths shut and don’t downtalk their teammates, coaches, media, and the fans and play the game. Maybe if they reported on the good guys, the guys who people respect in the locker rooms, and stick up for their teammates, it wouldn’t take the media 79 games to figure out Larry Fitzgerald is one of the games best players.

Until then, can’t wait for the update on on Sportscenter about Terrell Owens’ new VH1 show or Joe Torre’s new book….


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  1. juliasrants

    The problem with the quiet guys is that the media develops this love/hate relationship with them. Jim Rice (for the Red Sox) is a great example. He went out, did his job, was a great player – and what do we still hear about even AFTER he gets elected to the HOF – he wasn’t friendly enough with the media! Ugh! These loud guys get the press. It isn’t right – but if you play in a smaller market on an average team, that sometimes is the only way you get notices. Maybe sports writers need to go back to writing about real sports! I really don’t need to hear about where Tom Brady & Gisele went on vacation and what she fed him. (Yes, sadly that is on the front page of the Boston Globe sports section this morning.) Is it Spring yet?


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