Goodbye Mr. Pie

Just this past weekend, the Cubs traded away once top prospects Felix Pie to the Baltimore Orioles. I won’t lie…I’m happy. With Pie out of options, and obviously not ready for being a everyday player, Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella both agreed it was time to cut ties with the youngster. Having Reed Johnson and Fukudome as the starting centerfielders are not the biggest upgrades, but they bring more to the lineup than Pie was able to provide at this time.

With the Cubs dealing Pie, they received from the Orioles 25 year old Garrett Olson. Olson’s name was brought up in December as apart of the possible 3-way deal with the Padres to accquire Jake Peavy. Now a little about this unknown name from the East Coast. Hes started 33 games in his two year major league career. Hes gone 10 and 13 with a 6.87 ERA and his K to walk ratio is horrible (111/90). If he stays with the Cubs, he will need to become a Greg Maddux like pitcher to perform well at Wrigley as his fastball doesn’t even hit 90 mph. But that might not be the real reason hes now a Cub. Two words: Jake Peavy.

Yup, thats what I think. Pie has the tools to become an everyday player and is definatly worth more than Olson who will most likely start the season in the minors if kepted. But the Padres did want Olson, and the Cubs have no use for him. The Cubs better ante up now and pull the trigger on Peavy. I wouldn’t go as far to give last years top pick Josh Vitters. But if the Padres want Sean Marshall along with Olson and another low end prospect, I can’t complain. It’s Jake Peavy people. He makes about 13 million (which is just 3 milliong more a year than Lilly) a year and is under contract until 2013. In the past 5 years, hes had an ERA above 3.00 once and that was in 2006 in his “off year” when he still K’d over 200 batters in 200 innings. Hes a bonafide stud and doesn’t even get paid to be one. Time for the Cubs to step up, with permission from the 3 groups who are on the verge of buying the Cubs, and make the deal.

Opening Day Rotation (Pending Rich Harden not pulling a Mark Prior): Carlos Zambrano, Jake Peavy, Rich Harden, Ryan Dempster, Ted Lilly. Of course, Lou will show respect to Dempter and Lilly and probably more them up in the rotation, but Peavy and Harden are much better. With that being said, it would be the best rotation in baseball hands down.    

On a personally note, I want the Cubs to get Peavy. No question. But if the Padres were to hold on to Peavy, I wouldn’t complain. I live in San Diego and definatly would love to be able to watch a decent pitcher every fifth day instead of Cha Seung Baek and Josh Geer.  


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