First Entry of Hopefully Many

Hey people. I have no idea how long or how often I will actually write in this. But its 2:30 in the morning and I just got off of work and I was in the mood to rant about baseball. It seems I’m more and more in the mood to talk baseball with the current NFL season winding down.

Speaking of football…I’m hapy so far with the remaining teams left. The Cardinals will go next week to Carolina to take on the Panthers. I’m predicting this will be the one and only upset of the week. Kurt Warner is ridiculous and not to mention Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin are freakin insane when both healthy and playing. (Boldin is already questionable for the divisonal round game) Either way, I think it will be a high scoring game but the Cards can do it! Cards win 37-31

Other NFC game will be the Giants vs Eagles as the two rivals meet up once again. Ever since the Giants winning it all last year, I’ve jumped off their bandwagon and began to root against them. Eli is an over-confident SOB. He will always be a cry-baby in my eyes from the day he was drafted and had to make sure he got his way and got out of San Diego. Man up Eli. With that being said, the Giants have an amazing backfield with plently of depth. Starting with Brandon Jacobs pounding men down, to Derrick Ward running around players to Ahman Bradshaw small size topped off with great speed. NY obviously has the upperhand and will most likely win with the crowd on their side.

Ravens vs Titans will be on my list of games NOT to watch next week. Pretty much any game with the Ravens or Titans playing in I tend to not watch. Now both teams in the same game….kill me now. I could honestly not care who wins. Either way, neither team is going to the Superbowl. Should be interesting to see how Chris Johnson does far vs the Ravens defense. Joe Flacco….nice job for a rookie….but hes still a rookie. Kerry Collins should keep Ray Lewis and company on their heels for most of the game. Titans win 15-7

Steelers and Chargers. No LT? No problem for the Steelers and their terrible towel waving fans. Darren Sproles is great and all. But he does most of his damage out of the flats on screen passes. And the only reason he gets those is because of what LT brings to the other teams gameplan. Sproles will get no running room vs the best run defense in the league. Which means the game should be put into Philip Rivers hand. If the Super Chargers had a better defense. I’d definatly give them more credit and say it’d atleast be a decent game. But we all remember what an LT-less playoff team is like from last year. Steelers win 27-13

With my football predictions out of the way, on to my baseball thoughts. Which obviously will begin and probably end with the Cubs.

With the new year starting, I was hoping to have heard some more good news out of the Cubs front office with maybe some hintings of finally signing a new right fielder. Wrong. They have pretty quite since Jim Hendry has decided it was best to deal Mark DeRosa for some **** and get rid of some **** (aka Jason Marquis) to make salary room. Now when I heard both of these things happened, I was like…Hey, those two moves really are gunna save us some money. Which they are. Now the Cubs decided to sign Aaron Miles to take over Derosa’s spot as a bench utility player. Unless the Cubs deal for the Padres Jake Peavy, or we sign Adam Dunn, I will see that Derosa deal as a failure.

Currently, Milton Bradley is the favorite to be the Cubs new rightfielder. I will not accept that. The Cubs should use some of those prospects from the Indians to try and grab Peavy from SD. What are the Padres asking for that is so ridiculous for Hendry? Sean Marshall? Felix Pie? Tyler Colvin? Give them away! Pie is out of options and we all know hes not ready to make some sort of positive impact. Marshall is the only player I could see Sweet Lou kinda not want to give away. But its JAKE PEAVY! Hes signed for like 3 more years and is only being paid 13 million dollars. Thats a steal right now in todays market. And thinking of a possible rotation being: Carlos Zambrano, Rich Harden, Jake Peavy, Ryan Dempster, Ted Lilly….wheres the weakness? Sure its a 5 right handed man rotation, buts the Cubs have never been known to have a good left handed pitcher. Nothing new there.

Lets hope we hear better news in the upcoming days…



  1. mlbmark

    Hey, sorry for all the asterisks but had to add to our profanity filter after seeing your blog title show up in our Most Recently Active feed. Just wanted to let you know. Happy blogging otherwise and good luck to your Cubs in 2009.


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